Global Management Consultants: Partners in Growth

About Us

We bring Theory into Practice

Global Management Consultants are a management consulting firm with a focus on organizational transformation using Business Excellence Tools. We bring with us experience of over 30 years across different functions, viz. Business Development, Project Management, Program Implementation, Operations, Strategy Deployment and Organizational Development.

What sets us apart is our ability to get the knowledge and skills transmitted across the organization through a nuanced approach suitable for each of the layers of the hierarchy. Excellence is, after all, a goal for the whole of the Organization and not that of the Top Management alone. Any endeavour must, necessarily, involve the participation of the maximum, if not all.

We are able to work on the intent to transform, fix the direction and, finally, train and hand-hold the teams so they are able to master the tools to achieve the transformation.

Global Management Consultants was founded by Sumant Kant Sahai who has been a management professional, an entrepreneur and an academician for over three decades after graduating from the Indian Institute of Foreign Trade, Delhi.


To facilitate organizations absorb the universal Quality Principles and Values and thereby assist them on their journey to excellence.


  • Trust & Collaboration
  • Continuous Learning & Continuous Improvement


To contribute to a more efficient world by applying the quality approach.


  • To coach, collaborate and deploy Lean Six Sigma and TQM.
  • To assist organizations, delineate their purpose, vision, goals and strategy, and align the organizational constituents to the same.
  • To coach, counsel and assist organizations to identify opportunities for improvement, and to exploit those opportunities using the right methodologies.